Some General Granite Transformations FAQs

For over 25 years, Granite Transformations has revolutionized the home makeover industry, by giving customers the opportunity to resurface benchtops with a premium quality, yet light-weight engineered stone surfaces. 

As global leaders in innovative home renovation solutions, we have always strived to set industry benchmarks when it comes to a safe environment for our employees, our installers and our customers. 

When you choose Granite Transformations, you can feel confident that you have chosen a local, Australian-based company that puts quality and safety first.

How does Granite Transformations ensure safe working practices?2021-09-27T13:33:31+10:00

We implement regular training and education for our installers and partners to ensure they are aware of the risks associated with working with crystalline silica and how to minimise exposure.

How can silicosis be prevented?2021-09-27T13:32:54+10:00

Silicosis can be prevented when safety measures such as wet cutting and the use of effective respiratory protection measures and cleaning procedures are implemented. At Granite Transformations, we enforce robust safety measures in our factories and on installation sites, including the use of ventilation and filtration engineering controls, using water-injected tools (such as wet saws) and ensuring appropriate PPE and H class vacuums for cleaning. 

We continue to work with our local authorities to ensure that occupational exposure to airborne crystalline silica dust is below the Permissible Exposure Limits, and in line with local laws and regulations regarding working in environments containing harmful dust. 

What is Silicosis?2021-09-27T13:23:37+10:00

Silicosis is an occupational lung disease, which may affect workers in the stone fabrication industry if they process marble, granite, quartz surfaces and other natural stones without safety measures. The disease forms when silica dust particles become trapped in lung tissues, causing inflammation and scarring, and reducing the lung’s ability to take in oxygen. Silicosis may affect workers in the stone fabrication industry if they process marble, granite, quartz surfaces and other natural stones without safety measures. Silicosis is incurable, progressive and sometimes fatal.

What are silica and quartz?2021-09-27T13:31:55+10:00

Quartz is the most common mineral on earth, and can take on many forms. It’s most commonly found as sand on our beaches, other examples are sandstone, marble and granite. These materials contain a number of things including Crystalline Silica, which is a compound of silicon and oxygen.


Granite Transformations surfaces are made from natural materials that include crystalline silica, such as quartz, sand, and granite, which are then bound together with polymers and formed into slabs.


Crystalline Silica is a component of many manufactured products in daily use, such as glass, pottery and quartz surfaces. Silica is very commonly used in construction and at various concentrations in bricks, blocks, tiles, slabs, cement and concrete. 

What are Granite Transformation surfaces made of?2021-09-27T13:24:11+10:00

Our revolutionary light-weight surfaces are made of quartz, glass, polymers and other naturally occurring minerals. Measuring at only 7mm in thickness, our surfaces pose the least risk of all engineered stone surfaces in the market when it comes to the processing procedure. In most cases, our product is one third the thickness of other stone surfaces, immediately reducing any risk of dust exposure by this equivalent amount compared to other, thicker surfaces.

Are Granite Transformation surfaces installed in the home harmful to the consumer?2021-09-27T13:24:29+10:00

We can assure you that Granite Transformations surfaces installed in the home are absolutely not harmful to the consumer. Our surfaces are completely safe for domestic use and comply with the strictest local and international safety standards for consumer use.

The health risk lies in the processing procedure, if performed not in accordance with safety legal requirements, and not in the surfaces themselves.

A small amount of silica dust could be produced during installation or repair of Granite Transformation surfaces in the end user’s home. This poses no health threat to the end user such as silicosis and other fatal diseases caused by silica dust, which are developed only as a result of ongoing occupational exposure to silica dust. Silicosis is an occupational disease.

Do you need to demolish or remove the benchtop?2021-09-23T10:30:03+10:00
  • No! Granite Transformations’ unique slabs are manufactured to fit directly over your existing benchtop. Using special adhesives, the slabs are adhered directly to the benchtop surface. Our benchtops can be installed over any hard, durable surface.
How long does an installation by Granite Transformation usually take?2021-09-23T10:30:03+10:00
  • While each project varies (depending on the size of the space being transformed), Granite Transformations typically installs a standard size kitchen benchtop and splashback in 1 to 2 days!
Is there any mess and disruption involved in a Granite Transformations installation?2021-09-23T10:30:03+10:00
  • There is very limited mess, since there is usually no demolition involved.
Why use Granite Transformations?2021-09-23T10:30:03+10:00
  • Our revolutionary product line has been extensively tested and proven to be heat, stain, scratch and impact resistant. The diamond-polished surface makes cleaning easy. Because there are no grout lines, you have no fear of bacterial build up or dirty grout lines. Granite Transformations provides a stunning look and can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home. Our products are used by homeowners, architects, developers and builders in many countries throughout the world.
Does Granite Transformations offer a warranty?2021-09-23T10:30:03+10:00
  • Yes – our residential customers receive a 10 year warranty on Trend Surfaces by Granite Transformations.
Can Granite Transformations’ products be used for new construction?2021-09-23T10:30:03+10:00
  • Yes! Granite Transformations’ products can be used for new benchtops for homeowners, builders, kitchen suppliers, architects and designers.
Can Granite Transformations’ products be used in bathrooms?2021-09-23T10:30:03+10:00
  • Yes! Our products are a beautiful, grout-free alternative to tiles and can be used in any part of the bathroom including vanities, floors, walls and showers.
Does Granite Transformations offer cabinet refacing? Is refacing a better alternative than replacing?2021-09-23T10:30:03+10:00
  • Yes, Granite Transformations offers cabinet refacing where your old cabinet doors are simply replaced with new doors. Refacing your cabinets can save you money, time and stress associated with the demolition of existing cabinetry.
As the stone is only 6.5m thick, is it strong?2021-09-23T10:30:03+10:00
  • Granite Transformations is the only manufacturer that uses ForeverSeal®, a polymer resin that is infused into the benchtops that helps strengthen and seal them for lifetime use. It is one of the strongest benchtops products available on the market, see our performance characteristics chart.
Can Granite Transformations handle my plumbing and electrical work too?2021-09-23T10:30:03+10:00
  • Granite Transformations’ installers do not handle plumbing or electrical work themselves, but will arrange these services for you using only reputable, licensed plumbers and electricians.
Where else can I use Granite Transformations’ products in my home, other than the kitchen or bathroom?2021-09-23T10:30:03+10:00
  • You can use Granite Transformations’ products anywhere in your home such as fireplaces, offices, bars, recreation rooms, mosaics feature walls and floors. If you are building an addition to your home, we can create any kind of custom benchtop, wall, or flooring that you need. We also makeover kitchens and bathrooms inside boats and recreational vehicles.
What’s the best way to clean my Granite Transformations’ benchtops without damaging them?2021-09-23T10:30:03+10:00
  • The beauty of our benchtops is that they require little maintenance, and don’t require any specialty cleaning products (as slab granite does). Our benchtops are nonporous, which means they will not absorb colours or odours. Use a mild, all-purpose cleaner as outlined in our care and maintenance guide.
Why should I choose Granite Transformations’ products over all of the other products out there2021-09-23T10:30:03+10:00
  • Are proudly an Australian company and are celebrating 20 years in business this year.
  • Granite Transformations are the original benchtop resurfacing specialists
  • Have over 170 franchises around the world and continue to grow
  • Are fully licensed and insured
  • Provide a written product lifetime warranty with guaranteed company backup
  • All installers and employees are fully trained and accredited
  • Have installed 1 million benchtops around the world
  • We are a one-stop shop for all your home needs, offering granite, quartz and recycled glass benchtops, cabinet refacing and mosaic tile splashbacks
  • Benchtops are easy to clean, non-porous, and maintain their beauty
  • Materials are installed quickly (in days instead of weeks)
  • Installation does not require demolition, resulting in a no-mess, no-stress experience
  • Recycled glass benchtops and mosaic tiles contain post-consumer recycled content, creating a unique and stunning look that you can’t find anywhere else
  • We offer cabinet refacing, which can cost nearly half the price of replacement
  • We don’t use subcontractors (stone installation is done by all our employees), so you know the job will be done right


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