Easter Eggs

Are you hosting Easter this year, or simply looking to bring your Easter décor to the next level? Well, you’ve come to right place! We have some super easy DIY Easter decorating ideas that you can create with your family, right in the comfort of your own home.

If you have left over Easter candy, this is a fun, pretty way to use it up. Take any glass vase that you have
in your home and fill it with layers of the candy – peeps, chocolate eggs, jelly beans or a layer of coloured Easter grass to make it crafty. For more pizazz, you can even take your favourite spring flowers – daffodils, daisies or tulips – and stick them into the candy to make the vase more festive.Easter Flowers

This is a simple way to add a dash of spring colour and cheer to your banister, mantel, or hallway opening. Buy three dozen eggs and poke a hole on either ends of each egg (with a needle). Then blow out the contents, leaving them empty inside. Dip the eggs in the food colouring(s) of your choice and let them dry. Then, take fishing line or jewellery cord and string them together into a garland and voilà! You have a beautiful, budget-friendly decoration for Easter. (You can even preserve it for next year!)

Easter egg planters are a great way to add a pop of colour to your Easter dining table. Get a dozen eggs and crack them at the top. Drain the contents, clean them with water, and put them back in the egg carton. (You can dip them in dye if you’d like to colour them.) Fill the bottom of each egg with dirt and then fill them with your favourite flowers, succulents or grass. You can place them on your table or anywhere you like. You can keep them in the carton and fill in around them with coloured grass. Or, you can place them in a dish or pot of your choosing.Easter Decorating

An Easter egg wreath can bring a touch of spring to your door. You can start with a grapevine wreath as a base. Purchase faux speckled eggs, faux flowers or vines, burlap ribbon, thin craft wire and a hot glue gun at your local craft store. Use the craft wire to arrange your flowers around the wreath, weaving the stems into the grapevine. Use the hot glue gun to adhere the eggs onto the grapevine, arranging around the flowers and vines. As a final touch, make it your own with a touch of baby’s breath, pussy willows or your favourite spring flower. Use the burlap ribbon for hanging.
We hope these decorating ideas have been helpful. If you have other Easter decorating ideas or comments, please add them below!Easter Wreath


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