Looking for reasons to renovate? According to a report by Houzz, renovating your kitchen is actually good for your health. A third of homeowners reported that the kitchen renovation led to an overall healthier lifestyle, as it inspired them to eat more meals at home, as well as more fruits and vegetables.

So if you’re dreaming of a new kitchen, follow these steps to get the result that you desire and optimise your home and life.

Remember that “Form Follows Function”

“Form follows function” is a golden principle in design, coined by American architect Louis Sullivan to describe the pervading law in modern design that good design is primarily adapted to the needs of a building or room. Aesthetics are important but secondary.

When you’re approaching your kitchen renovation, think about how you and your family live on a daily basis.

If your family tends to live in the kitchen, you might consider space for a table, a breakfast nook or an open plan with some cool, comfortable kitchen stools pulled up to the bench.


Or you might be a serious cook who needs two ovens and lots of storage for all of your whizz-bang gadgets and appliances.

The question to ask is what you need your kitchen to do for you. When it comes to your surfaces, having a porous bench top which scratches easily is not going to work well for a busy family or a serious cook where things might get hectic.

According to the same Houzz report, 95% of renovating homeowners list benchtops as their primary kitchen upgrade, closely followed by splash backs.

Granite Transformations’ Trend Surfaces are engineered using a combination of the world’s finest granites, quartz and polymer technology to create a surface that can be used for both kitchen benchs and splash backs, as well as in bathrooms. They are heat, scratch and stain resistant, durable and functional.

Do Your Research

Radio personality Chrissie Swan recently had her kitchen made over by experts Granite Transformations; to update what was quite an old, dark space into a light, airy ‘cook’s delight’.

One of her top tips for renovations is that “Google is your friend. Spend some serious time collecting images of the kitchens you like.” Then work out what it is about that space that you really love. Is it the thickness of the bench tops? Or is it the colour scheme?

Once you have a firm idea of what specifics you want, call in the professionals for a consultation. The experts at Granite Transformations have years of experience in kitchen renovations and are skilled at translating a client’s vision to reality.


Colour In

Colour schemes are so important in interior design because they can impact on the psyche. Lighter colours are popular in kitchen renovations, particularly if upgrading a 70s style kitchen composed of dark, heavy materials. According to a study, 64% of designers associated “clean” with the colour white, which is one subconscious reason it remains so popular for kitchens and bathrooms, where hygiene is of the utmost.


However, some renovators want their kitchen to have a more creative feel that complements the rest of the house, so may choose a soft green or taupe.

Yet another option is to keep the benches neutral but choose a vibrant colour for your splash back to make it resonate as a feature piece.

The Trend Surfaces Colour Range from Granite Transformations offers an extensive colour palette so that clients can create a look and feel for their kitchen which will positively enhance the energy of their home.


Be Firm on Budget

This may seem obvious but work out exactly what you want to spend. Renovation costs can seem steep but there are also ways to limit costs, while not compromising on quality or the fundamentals. While investing in a quality bench top can provide the foundation for the entire kitchen, it’s possible to shop around for second-hand appliances from some of the major suppliers.

The team at Granite Transformations can help you realise your dream kitchen, providing advice on budget management and how to achieve optimum functionality. Find your local store or call 1300 306 666 for a chat about what you’d like to achieve.

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