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Health Magazine encourages you to choose simple foods, make time for workouts and feel healthier this year than ever before. Please visit this link for more insight on their top New Year’s resolutions for living a healthier life. See below for a sampling of our favorites.  Give yourself a break – Think about what you’re pretty sure you can do—then cut it in half. So if you want to save 10 percent of each paycheck this year, aim for 5%. And if you don’t always hit the mark, don’t get discouraged: Even if you saved only 2% this month, that’s still in line with your overarching goal (financial health), so onward and upward!  Simplify your schedule – If you cringe at each ding of your BlackBerry calendar, you might be overscheduling yourself, says Sherrie Bourg Carter, PsyD, author of High Octane Women.  Streamline your go-to meals and use no-chop ingredients – All you need for a great homemade meal in 15 minutes is a quick-cooking, minimal-prep protein (chicken or fish), whole grains (whole-wheat pasta, brown rice), and veggies that are already bite-size (snow peas, baby arugula).

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