Granite Transformations Black StoveThe initial purchase or update of kitchen appliances can often be an expensive and a confusing time. Viewing the diverse range of brands, styles, colours and their specific uses, can prove to be quite an ordeal!

We have put together a range of tips when choosing kitchen appliances to ensure your investment matches your needs and your wallet.

Step 1: Have an idea of what you want before you begin hunting around for appliances, but also be mindful that your wish list may come with a hefty price tag! A good idea is to search online to gauge an idea for average prices so you can create a budget to stick to.

Step 2: Next is to research what style, size and shape work for your kitchen. It’s important to maximise your available space with the right appliances.


In the past gas stoves have been known to out-perform electricity models. However with increasing technological developments, the playing field has evened out, now it’s more of an issue of personal preference.

Details to keep in mind when purchasing a gas stovetop, it is essential to know if your kitchen has a gas line, as if it doesn’t this can mean a lot more work (and money!) needs to be spent on the project. If selecting an electricity model its’ important to know if it also uses gas elements.

OvensGranite Transformations Blue Marble Back Splash

There is so much choice when it comes to ovens, it can be overwhelming! To overcome this problem it’s vital to decide what functions you want from your oven. Does it fit in the space you have in mind and does it suit your functionality needs?


Refrigerators come in many sizes and colours. Know how many people, on average, will be living in your house and utilising the fridge. This will help you figure out how much fridge space you’ll need. Another consideration is to evaluate how much freezer space you’ll need. Will you be freezing dinners or lunch bread? Do you have a sweet tooth and want to prioritise room for your favourite brand of ice-cream? These are all point to take into consideration.


Microwaves are seldom the most attractive item in a kitchen, however they are a staple in many households. One way to improve their aesthetic is to choose a model that matches other appliances in your kitchen, from style and colour.

You can also choose to position it on a bench top or integrate it into the cabinetry as a built-in element.

DishwashersGranite Transformations Black Back Splash

A dishwasher’s capacity is measured by how many place settings it can hold in one wash. Similar to deciding upon the size of a refrigerator, you can often get an idea of how big you’ll need a dishwasher to be by the amount of people who typically live at your house and by how often you use dishes.

Dishwashers that can accommodate more place settings at once are more water efficient as they use less water per setting to clean each dish.

A final element to contemplate is the fact that many appliances these days come with an eco-friendly or sustainability ratings. By taking these ratings into consideration you can save money and the environment in the long-run.

Don’t forget to ask the team at your local Granite transformations when designing your kitchen to provide guidance on your appliance needs. They have a wealth of knowledge!

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