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Spring is a time for re-birth, new life, bright colours, longer daylight hours and florals blooming. As the last remanence of winter slips away and temperatures rise, take the opportunity to update your house to match the season.

Most days begin in the kitchen, making breakfast and grabbing lunch before you head out the door for work.

Architects have long believed there is a strong correlation on that places we inhibit can play on our thoughts, mood and behaviours, so why not embrace this idea in the kitchen and start your day off on the right foot!

Click below and find out how you can prepare your home for Spring.

1. Uplift the Kitchen

There’s nothing like a good scrub to the kitchen surfaces to make your kitchen look bright again! Putting in a little elbow grease can go a long way in removing grease and grime build up including dust, splashes or scuff marks.

2. Declutter

Decluttering your home can not only improve the aesthetics and allow you to take stock of your belongings but also to rid yourself of any unwanted and unused items.

A clean and clear bench space that only contains the necessities assists in creating a calm environment. Clutter can make you feel anxious, unorganised and frustrated – not exactly a good environment for positivity and transferring the good spring vibes into your house!Granite Transformations Red Back Splash

Former hoarder, Meng Koach, who challenged himself to reduce his possessions to a mere 100 items, said that he found that physical clutter was also contributed to mental baggage. “It feels good to live lightly”, he said.

3. Add a Splashback

For an impressive ‘wow factor’, additional to benchtops, Granite Transformations also specialise in creating stylish splashbacks. Check out the eye-catching and fun “Red Star” splashback or consider personalising your space with a splashback to match your favourite colour.

4. Contrast pops of colour with neutrals:

Choosing a neutral colour pallet for your kitchen can increase the longevity of your kitchen as your taste changes. Granite Transformations have an extensive range of benchtop colours to splashbacks and mosaics that can be arranged in a quick and affordable manner. Kitchen makeovers can be finished in as little as 2 days, so you are free to enjoy your new home and extended day-light savings hours with entertaining and barbeques as soon as possible.

Granite Transformations Mirrored Back Splash5. Add fresh flowers

The Journal of Environmental Psychology (June 2010) reported the positive benefits that people receive from spending time in the outdoors. “Nature is fuel for the soul”, says Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry, Richard Ryan, so why not bring the outdoors indoors?

6. One word: Accessorise!

If you are looking for a temporary change, a quick and easy way to update a room is to experiment with funky accessories. From light fixtures, table runners or placements, fruit bowls and stylish cushions, bright statement pieces can go a long way in livening up tired rooms and allow you change up your style as often as the seasons change or even your mood!
Investing in appliances in cheerful, happy hues can have a massive impact in transforming a room and helping you leave the winter blues behind.


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