Whether you have a large or small kitchen, layout is not only an important aesthetic consideration, but is vital to a kitchen’s functionality, and the overall design and flow of a home. Granite Transformations, Australia’s leading kitchen makeover specialists, works with clients to create their dream kitchens, whether by simply updating a benchtop, or through a more substantial renovation.

In designing the perfect kitchen space, there are a number of elements to consider – from the number of people in the house, to the space available – to how often you entertain or the amount of storage required. Granite Transformations has put together their top tips for kitchen design to assist in maximising the layout you have – or in your next kitchen transformation.

Granite Transformations Black KitchenKey styles:

One Wall Kitchen – with or without island:

A single line of cabinets against one wall creates an open plan feel to any living space, and making the kitchen a place where family and friends can gather.

Sufficient workspace in a one wall kitchen can be an issue, and Granite Transformations’ Resident Design Expert Stacey Gilbert says, “If you’re doing a new kitchen build, contemplate customising the depth of your benchtops. While the standard is 600mm deep, consider extending them an extra 50mm – you may be surprised at how much extra work space this creates.”

Extra space in a one wall kitchen can also be created with an island benchtop. With the addition of bar stools, this space can also be used for homework, breakfast, or a gathering place while people are cooking.

Granite Transformations’ Trend Surfaces can be used to optimal effect in any kitchen configuration. Not only can benchtops be updated to create one smooth horizontal line in a one wall kitchen, creating an illusion of space, but kitchen islands can be customised with a brekkie bar overhang, cut out open shelves, or angle raised finish (pictured left).

Granite Transformations White Kitchen

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A galley consists of parallel lines of cabinets and appliances, with no island bench. This style of kitchen offers excellent storage. A simple square edge finish on the Granite benchtop completes this look.

If space is at a premium, one tip is to incorporate overhead cupboards if you are building or renovating a kitchen. Stacey Gilbert says, “Cupboards can be customised to fit your requirements – including different depths, and storing equipment you don’t use as much in high cupboards is a great way to go. Having said this, if you haven’t used something for over a year – it’s time to donate it! Particularly those fondue sets!”

Granite Transformations Yellow Back SplashCurves

Stacey Gilbert says, “Curved kitchens are a major trend at the moment, with circular forms (as pictured left) making a come-back in both kitchen design and benchtop detailing.”

U Shape

A U Shaped kitchen only has one access point, and while this is the perfect shape for a compact space, it can be challenging if more than one person is cooking at a time. The kitchen (pictured left) features a striking colour combination is a great look for this small space.

Stacey Gilbert’s tip for maximising storage space is drawers. She says, “Drawers, rather than cupboards, maximise space since they allow you to see and access everything – meaning you use what you have more efficiently.”

L Shape – with or without islandGranite Transformations Blue Back Splash

The L Shaped kitchen is one of the most popular kitchen configurations. Featuring intersecting runs of cabinetry and appliances, this layout offers excellent access and benchtop space. It is often combined with a benchtop island (as pictured left), which here features a solid waterfall end to the benchtop.

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