Art and beauty come together right in the city’s centre.

Milan has a new temple dedicated to beauty: Aldo Coppola’s spectacular new space, made even more precious by designer mosaics created by Trend Group, the company from Vicenza who is a true leader in the production of mosaic tiles, agglomerates and decorative glass.


In approximately 1000 square meters of white Carrara marble, Trend Group’s extraordinary tiles stand out, recreating historical Aldo Coppola- L’Or̩al calendar images, professional photographs taken by artists like Fabrizio Ferri and Oliviero Toscani. The work is truly meticulous. It is a concrete example of the attention to detail that Trend instils in each product, made with exclusive and custom-designed mosaics for the unique and innovative design of this space that is dedicated to wellness and championed by Aldo Coppola Jr., right in Milan’s city center.


The Aldo Coppola white and red tones merge perfectly into the artistic mosaics that decorate the walls of the salon: the faces of the models who posed for Aldo Coppola-L’Or̩al calendars – the beautiful Madalina Ghenea especially – have been perfectly recreated by Trend’s mosaic artists. The overall effect is visually stunning.

The new Aldo Coppola Milan salon has created a true wellness and beauty space for women, dedicated not only to hair but to the face and body as well. And in a place such as this, where beauty reigns, it was essential to appeal to the clients’ aesthetic sense, designing a space that is harmonious and elegant while being dazzlingly, yet not invasively, beautiful. Trend has succeeded very well in its enterprise. Its mosaics match perfectly with the concept of the salon designed by Anton Kobrinetz, who brought to life Aldo Coppola Jr.’s creative idea. The salon becomes an elegant and luxurious space in which clients are pampered by a team of experienced professionals, a symbol of Aldo Coppola top quality.


Top quality is the common denominator betweenTrend and Aldo Coppola, two Italian businesses that are truly world leaders. They have worked together to create a unique and innovative design project, following in the footsteps of the very best Italian artistry traditions.


Trend mosaics in Milan’s Aldo Coppola salon bring a touch of high class and are reminiscent of the best traditions of Italian mosaic art, which Trend has been renowned for since it was founded, just like Aldo Coppola salons represent the best in terms of quality and attention to customer service in the field of beauty and aesthetics.

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