10 Things you should know and do before you commit to anyone doing a renovation on your property

Make sure you understand what you want and what you want to achieve from your project, don’t let people tell you what you want. Take advice from the experts though if you don’t know. A good thing to do is:

  • Draw a plan of your room
  • Write down a wish list e.g. I want more accessible power points, I’d like new appliances, I’d like a more hygienic, easier to clean area.
  • To scale; draw what you want to achieve by renovating
  • Try different possibilities and scenarios
  • Write down the negatives and positives of each design you come up with
  • Ask yourself the question: Do my designs meet my desired outcomes?

1. Do you know what’s available?
There are a number of products available that will differ greatly in functionality and price.

2. Know where your product coming from and if it is in abundant supply.
If something goes wrong at the install will there be enough to available to finish the job? This is super important if you are using granite type products as it is a natural material.

3. Ask about the warranty and find out who you will deal with if anything is to go wrong with the product.
A number of cabinet makers/carpenters have no relationship with their suppliers and don’t know what to do if you need to make a warranty claim down the track. Also read the warranty carefully. A number of products on the market are only covered by warranty if you’ve never actually used the product. Find out what’s available through magazines etc.

4. Talk to the experts.
Find out what’s available and their different features.

5. Choose products for durability as well as the overall look.
You don’t want to have to go through the same process in 2-3 years time because you chose a lower quality product.

6. In kitchens and bathrooms look for products that are heat, scratch and stain resistant.
This will ensure your new surface will stand the test of time.

7. Know your budget.
Make sure it’s realistic. Do you have enough for what you really want? Make sure you choose tradespeople that will stick to the price of a quote and won’t ad in hidden costs after the job is done? Research short term/and long term finance options and make sure you investigate all the pro’s and con’s. Don’t be talked into, or make sure you don’t end up spending double the price for your kitchen because you locked in to a high interest short term loan because you were pressured into “having” to do something.

8. Legal Requirements.
This is so incredibly important for anyone having any work done by tradespeople. Ask the following questions:
-Are the tradespeople appropriately licensed?
-Have they provided you with a contract?
-Have they supplied you with the specifications?
-Do they have warranties? Have they supplied you with the paperwork for this?
-Have they got Public Liability Insurance?
-Do they pay BSA/Home Warranty Insurance? ($3300)

9. Don’t understand? Ask plenty of questions.
If you have found a company that you think may be able to satisfy your wants and needs within a certain budget get a quote and make sure you have all your questions answered. Make sure you understand their processes and booking schedules.Don’t forget to ask about timelines, costs (make sure there are no hidden costs), guarantees and payment cycles.

10. Some questions you might want to ask before committing to an organisation.
-Have they been punctual?
-Are you comfortable in asking questions?
-Have they answered your questions thoroughly?
-Do you feel you can trust these people?
-Has the service been friendly and helpful during the research stage?
-Has there been reliable communication to this point?
-Do they have premises?
-Are you actually dealing with the people you got the quote from or with a sub contractor?
-How long have they been in business?
-Do they come with references/Have you seen their work?
-Do they guarantee their work and have warranty’s?