TREND Origina® embodies beauty in all its forms. From the innovative process to the natural aesthetics of the materials, it’s a statement of sophistication and style in every slab.

Every product from TREND Origina® comes from the captivating personality that only nature can grant, as well as the best technology. This combination transforms elements into products that boost the imagination and materialise great ideas. Moreover, TREND Origina® has the charm of a product made from recycled materials. This not only focuses on sustainability, but also crafts products with a look and feel that adapts smoothly to any project or environment… taking the word design to another dimension.

With its variety of colours, textures and sizes, to its benefits such as excellent resistance, durability and malleability, versatile is truly the best way to define TREND Origina®. It is also ideal to cover surfaces, thanks to its thinness and lightweight composition.


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