Hydra White

Hydra White

Bring the history of Italy into your home by transforming your Benchtop with our Carrara stone. This blue-grey marble stone will enhance your room making you feel like you are in Tuscany.

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Specification Typical
Slab size nominal 3050 x 1300 x 6.5mm
Slab thickness tolerance +/- 0.70mm
Slab flatness +/- 1mm width | +/- 2mm length
Gloss 56
Slab weight 58kg
Property Test Method Typical Value
Specific Gravity ASTM D792 2.40
Hardness MOHS 7.6
Water Absorption AS 1756-1989 (AS-3558.1) 0.03%
Colour Fastness AS 1756-1989 (AS-3558.3) No Change
Impact Resistance AS 1756-1989 (AS-3558.15) No Cracks or Grazing
Impact Resistance EAN1467.9 3.30j Unsupported 6.1j Supported
Izod Impact Resistance ASTM D256 2.23ft.lbf
Flexural Strength ASTM D790 47Mpa
Resistance to Surface Scratching AS 1756-1989 (AS-3558.4) Unaffected
Resistance to Surface Scratching AS/NZS 2924.2.14 6.5N
Wear Index ASTM D4060 0.58mg/cycle
Heat Resistance NEMA D2863 No Change
Steam Resistance AS/NZS 2924.2.23 No Change
Boiling Water Surface NEMA LD-3 No Change
Stain Resistance AS 1756-1989 (AS-3558.42 Pass. Any superficial stains were removed by water, undiluted bleach or Jiff.
Slip Resistance AS/NZS 4586 Dry Class F (Medium)
Slip Resistance AS/NZS 4586 Wet 21
Thermal Shock ASTM C484 No cracks or crazing
Heat Release AS/NZS 3837 Total Heat Released 50.1 MJ/kg
Average Specific Extinction Area AS/NZS 3837 153.1 m2/kg
Critical Heat Flux ASISO 9239.1 4
Early Fire Hazard Ignitability Index AS1530.3 0-20 4
Early Fire Hazard Spread of Flame Index AS1530.3 0-10 0
Early Fire Hazard Heat Evolved Index AS1530.3 0-10 2
Early Fire Hazard Smoke Developed Index AS1530.3 0-10 2

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