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Care & Maintenance

Granite Transformation surfaces are designed to offer luxurious finishes with low maintenance, while also being non-porous, heat, scratch, stain and impact resistant.

Top 5 tips to care for your surface

Everyday cleaning

Wipe with a damp cloth and mild detergent or a multipurpose cleaning spray without bleach.


Avoid leaving spillages on the stone for extended periods of time. Treat stains with a diluted formula of bleach and water for no longer than 5 mins, or a Magic Eraser sponge from your local supermarket.


To avoid any risk of scratching we recommend cutting on a board, rather than the benchtop. Although the stone is scratch resistant, some knives can cause marks, which in most cases can be treated with a Magic Eraser sponge.


The stone products are heat resistant and not affected by temps lower than 180C. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry and not put hot cookware straight from the cooktop or stove directly onto the bench. Wait until it has cooled down a bit to avoid thermal shock or scorching marks.

Restore shine

Our stone products will last a lifetime, but will need TLC after prolonged use. We recommend restoring the polished shine in your surfaces after 10+ years with ‘Tenax Ager’, a wet look colour enhancer.