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Granite Transformations surfaces are made of the highest quality compound of quartz, recycled glass and other naturally occurring minerals sourced from around the world.  

Absolutely. Granite Transformations surfaces are non-porous, heat, scratch and stain resistant, making them perfect for residential and commercial kitchen areas.

Given our stone’s properties, it is the perfect surface for bathrooms, laundries and other wet areas.

Given the thickness of our stone and the large format slabs, it can be placed straight over existing tiles with only minimal joins, resulting in a groutless bathroom, in minimal time.

Granite Transformations benchtops come with a square edge with a 3mm pencil round.

Our versatile surfaces can be used practically anywhere in your home from benchtops, splashbacks, floors to walls and even ceilings, our stone is perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, or home office. Whether it is a new build or renovation, we can create any kind of custom application to your needs.

Our stone can be used in covered alfresco dining areas. We recommend speaking to your closest dealer to ensure it is the right product for your outdoor use.

Measuring at only 7mm in thickness, our thin, light-weight engineered stone surfaces are installed directly over existing benchtops, tiled splashbacks, floors and walls

Granite Transformations surfaces are non-porous and once installed in the home are absolutely not harmful to the consumer. Our surfaces are completely safe for domestic use and comply with the strictest local and international safety standards for consumer use.

The health risk lies in the processing and fabrication of the material, if performed not in accordance with safety legal requirements, and not in the surfaces themselves.

A small amount of dust could be produced during installation or repair of Granite Transformation surfaces in the end users home. This poses no health threat to the end user such as silicosis, which is only developed as a result of ongoing occupational exposure to silica dust.

You can purchase your Granite Transformations surfaces directly from your local representative. 

We are the pioneers of engineered stone. Our products have been tried and tested for over 25 years, in over 1.5 million kitchens worldwide. Our stone is one of the most stain resistant products on the market. You can access our Care and Maintenance guide here.

Yes, Granite Transformation surfaces are heat resistant and not affected by temperatures lower than 180C. Like all stone material, Granite Transformations surfaces can be damaged by sudden and rapid heat changes (this is called thermal shock) so we always recommend that hot pots and pans never be placed directly on a Granite Transformations surface but onto a heat trivet or chopping board.

Granite Transformations require very little maintenance – simply wipe with a soft, damp cloth and any pH neutral liquid detergent. You can access our Care and Maintenance guide here.

Yes. Our surfaces can be used in new builds as well as renovation or makeover projects.

Measuring at only 7mm in thickness, our thin, light-weight engineered stone surfaces are installed directly over existing benchtops, plus other surfaces such as floors and walls. Our product is the perfect application for makeovers and new builds. We can install our surfaces in as little as a day.